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Welcome to the home of the Western Aero Design Team. The Aero Design Team here at Western is a completely student-run mega project that was created in 2001 and has been active ever since, designing and building radio controlled aircrafts for competition every year.

We participate in the SAE Aero Design Competition which is held in the USA every year. This competition consists of a heavy lift contest between aircraft from universities all over the world. Teams can build planes for 3 different categories with different rules and constraints, generally focusing on carrying as much payload as possible while completing an air circuit of the flying field. For updated rules and competition guidelines visit the    SAE Aero Design website.

We build at least one plane each year for the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) competition, where we apply aerodynamic analysis, material selection and precise construction to design and build a plane that can withstand the tough competition. 
This mega project is a valuable learning experience and a chance to develop practical engineering skills while working with your fellow students. Western's Aero Design Team is a very rewarding extra-curricular activity for engineering students with a passion for aerospace engineering or a love for aircraft design.

Students from all engineering disciplines are encouraged to join us. Our team utilizes a wide variety of engineering skills from mechanical, to civil and electrical.  
For more information contact us using western.aerodesign@gmail.com and look for special announcements in the weekly Engineering Newsletter under "Recurring weekly club meetings".


CLUBS WEEK  Come meet some of our team during clubs week to find out more about Western Aero Design.

SIGN-UP FORM Let us know if you're interested in learning more about the team and potentially becoming a member by signing up below:



Controls TBD   Mechanical TBD

Will Knipe.jpeg

Will Knipe

Co-Captain & Mechanical Lead

3rd Year Mechanical + Internship

Jeff St.Jean.jpeg

Jeff St. Jean

Co-Captain & Controls Lead

3rd Year Dual Degree Mechatronics & Computer Science

Joy Shah.jpg

Joy Shah

Onboard Controls System & Drone Lead

4th Year Dual Degree Mechatronics & Business (Ivey) + Co-op

Craig Carrothers

Fuselage Lead

3rd Year Mechanical

Craig Carrothers.jpg
YiAn Liu.jpg

YiAn Liu

Wing Lead

3rd Year Mechanical

western aero design.jpg

Justyn Le

CAD Lead

3rd Year Dual Degree Mechanical & Computer Science

Xiaoyan Sang.jpg

Xiaoyuan Sang

Wing & Glider Lead

4th Year Dual Degree

 Mechanical/Materials & Computer Science

western aero design.jpg

Channey Kim

Tail& Landing Gear Lead

3rd Year Dual Degree Mechanical & Business (Ivey)

Zachary Chen.png

Zachary Chen

Glider Controls Lead


3rd Year Dual Degree Mechatronics & Business (Ivey)

western aero design.jpg

Colin Smith

Controls Special Projects Lead

3rd Year Dual Degree Mechatronics & Computer Science




Rate of Climb

2.56 m/s

Cruise Velocity

15.0 m/s





Maximum Weight


The Hangar

2020 SAE Aero Design West

6th place: Advanced Class - Overall

2019 SAE Aero Design West (Electric)

11th place: Advanced Class - Overall

2017 SAE Aero Design West

1st place: Advanced Class - Design Report

4th place: Advanced Class - Overall

2016 SAE Aero Design West

2nd place: Advanced Class - Design Report

2015 SAE Aero Design West

1st place: Advanced Class – Design Report

2nd place: Micro Class – Design Report

2014 SAE Aero Design West

1st Place: Micro Class - Highest Payload Fraction

2nd Place: Advanced Class - Overall Score

3rd Place: Micro Class - Overall Score

3rd Place: Micro Class - Highest Payload Lifted

3rd Place: Advanced Class - Presentation

3rd Place: Micro Class - Design Report

3rd Place: Advanced Class - Design Report

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Aero Design Office within CMLP 63

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